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The Case for Intersectional Climate Justice – Earth Day Blog for The Elders with Mary Robinson

[Originally published for The Elders on Earth Day] Introduction by Mary Robinson “I have met Theo on a couple of occasions, he is as engaging and articulate in person as he is in this blog written for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Theo once told me that he became…

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If You Only Read One Article About Climate, Make Sure It’s This One

Every single day there are countless articles, reports and speeches being given on the climate crisis. Keeping up to date with climate policy developments, the latest scientific news and the overarching global conversation can be challenging at the best of times. The times we find ourselves in now, of course,…

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I’m Writing a Climate Essay Every Day – Here’s Why

Today, as schools close, offices empty and the streets are eerily silent across Europe and indeed the globe, we as a human race are facing not one, but two extremely grave crises. The first is, of course, that of the coronavirus. The second is one that you might have forgotten…

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What You Can Do to Avert Climate Breakdown

The question I get asked far more than any other is “what can I, as an individual do about climate change?” Usually, people will preface this question by saying that they are trying to do their part by driving less, that they have been offsetting their flights, that they use…

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Climate Election: Why the 2020 Irish General Election Must be About Climate

Originally written on the 15th of January “A future to Look Forward to”. Fine Gael’s 2020 election slogan made me rub my eyes in disbelief. Did Leo decide to wake up? Have Fine Gael adopted policies in line with IPCC science? Of course not. Fine Gael have entirely forgotten the…

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We’re in Uncharted Territory – We Must Act Now on Climate

Today Storm Brendan sweeps across Ireland, and while it is far from unusual for us to be battered here on the West coast, now is a good time to reflect on what we will face should we not act on the climate crisis. The storm left over 48,000 people without…

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