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If You Only Read One Article About Climate, Make Sure It’s This One

Every single day there are countless articles, reports and speeches being given on the climate crisis. Keeping up to date with climate policy developments, the latest scientific news and the overarching global conversation can be challenging at the best of times. The times we find ourselves in now, of course,…

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5 Things Activists Do During Lockdown

As countries across Europe and around the globe go into lockdown, schools close and public gatherings are banned, you may be wondering what you can do to avert boredom and retain your sanity. There are already plenty of articles and guides out there, and as regards general recommendations, I would…

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How Four Months Changed Everything – From Conference to Field Hospital

The coronavirus has swept across the globe over the past 3 months, with infections now confirmed in 184 out of 197 countries. However, I had found it difficult to visualise the true scale of the crisis before I saw the above image of the IFEMA conference center in Madrid. Just…

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When an Old Lady Swore at Me

Every Friday for the past 6, nearly 8 months now I have been striking together with my 14 year old sister in front of our local County Council office in Mayo, Ireland. I have been involved with the youth climate movement for much longer – since last January, but weekly…

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I’m Writing a Climate Essay Every Day – Here’s Why

Today, as schools close, offices empty and the streets are eerily silent across Europe and indeed the globe, we as a human race are facing not one, but two extremely grave crises. The first is, of course, that of the coronavirus. The second is one that you might have forgotten…

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