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Reflections on the September 25th Global Actions

Just over a week ago, on the 25th of September, the Fridays for Future movement in Ireland and globally held it’s first coordinated day of action since December of 2019. Although there had been planning for another global day of action similar to September 20th 2019 to be held in…

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5 Things Activists Do During Lockdown

As countries across Europe and around the globe go into lockdown, schools close and public gatherings are banned, you may be wondering what you can do to avert boredom and retain your sanity. There are already plenty of articles and guides out there, and as regards general recommendations, I would…

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When an Old Lady Swore at Me

Every Friday for the past 6, nearly 8 months now I have been striking together with my 14 year old sister in front of our local County Council office in Mayo, Ireland. I have been involved with the youth climate movement for much longer – since last January, but weekly…

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I’m Writing a Climate Essay Every Day – Here’s Why

Today, as schools close, offices empty and the streets are eerily silent across Europe and indeed the globe, we as a human race are facing not one, but two extremely grave crises. The first is, of course, that of the coronavirus. The second is one that you might have forgotten…

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What You Can Do to Avert Climate Breakdown

The question I get asked far more than any other is “what can I, as an individual do about climate change?” Usually, people will preface this question by saying that they are trying to do their part by driving less, that they have been offsetting their flights, that they use…

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