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A Climate Perspective: Why We Shouldn’t Celebrate Biden’s Victory

The implications of the November 3rd United States Presidential election will define the future of our planet.  Although the result itself was no surprise except in the leanness of the margin, what will happen next is anything but predictable. From the perspective of the global climate movement, there was a…

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Reflections on the September 25th Global Actions

Just over a week ago, on the 25th of September, the Fridays for Future movement in Ireland and globally held it’s first coordinated day of action since December of 2019. Although there had been planning for another global day of action similar to September 20th 2019 to be held in…

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The Case for Intersectional Climate Justice – Earth Day Blog for The Elders with Mary Robinson

[Originally published for The Elders on Earth Day] Introduction by Mary Robinson “I have met Theo on a couple of occasions, he is as engaging and articulate in person as he is in this blog written for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Theo once told me that he became…

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If You Only Read One Article About Climate, Make Sure It’s This One

Every single day there are countless articles, reports and speeches being given on the climate crisis. Keeping up to date with climate policy developments, the latest scientific news and the overarching global conversation can be challenging at the best of times. The times we find ourselves in now, of course,…

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How Four Months Changed Everything – From Conference to Field Hospital

The coronavirus has swept across the globe over the past 3 months, with infections now confirmed in 184 out of 197 countries. However, I had found it difficult to visualise the true scale of the crisis before I saw the above image of the IFEMA conference center in Madrid. Just…

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A Letter from the Future: How the Coronavirus Changed Everything

Friday, March 23rd 2040 Friends– As you well know, yesterday marked the first day in centuries when the net amount of carbon emissions produced by humanity was zero. Even just two decades ago, this would have been inconceivable. I remember well the despair and the hopelessness that we all felt…

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