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A Picture That Tells a Story of a Thousand Wrongs

Originally written on the 26th of January A few weeks ago, the Associated Press posted an article about young climate activists attending Davos. A group photo of four young people was featured at the top of the article. The four young activists – Greta Thunberg, Isabelle Axellson, Luisa Neubauer and…

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Climate Election: Why the 2020 Irish General Election Must be About Climate

Originally written on the 15th of January “A future to Look Forward to”. Fine Gael’s 2020 election slogan made me rub my eyes in disbelief. Did Leo decide to wake up? Have Fine Gael adopted policies in line with IPCC science? Of course not. Fine Gael have entirely forgotten the…

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We’re in Uncharted Territory – We Must Act Now on Climate

Today Storm Brendan sweeps across Ireland, and while it is far from unusual for us to be battered here on the West coast, now is a good time to reflect on what we will face should we not act on the climate crisis. The storm left over 48,000 people without…

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Final Thoughts on COP25

Last month, I moved through the same halls of power that world leaders are accustomed to walking through. I brushed shoulders with the likes of Frans Timmermans and Pedro Sanchez and I witnessed more free alcohol being handed out than anywhere else previously in my life. As a 17 year…

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